Elementary Math Games and Worksheets

This is an educational website where you can download and print free math worksheets as well as play free math games. Our elementary math resources cover first grade through eighth grade mathematics. The games and worksheets on this site are broken down by grade. This way you can go straight to the elementary level you are studying.

Free Printable Math Worksheets

The printable math worksheets on Elementary Math Games are all unique to this website. We are happy to offer plenty of free original content. Elementary math teachers can download these worksheets and use them in their classrooms. They are all in the PDF file format. You can easily view and print these documents using the free program called Adobe Reader. We recently introduced a full set of free elementary algebra worksheets. Our free worksheets have addition, subtraction, and multiplication math problems. Use them everyday in your elementary or middle school. The kids will love them and their parents will admire you for your teaching ability.

Educational Games Work

I learned a lot from playing educational based computer games. Computers just started becoming widely available when I was in elementary school. This was a very fortunate coincidence for me as I had a shorter attention span than most. My grades at the time were not reflective of my actual ability but after I started playing math games this changed. My grades improved and my upward climb in school began. I always did well playing regular video games so I believe I was able to channel that competitive spirit for educational based games. This alternative learning strategy has continued into adulthood. I am currently using an online learning game to study a new language.

Free Math Games

Our elementary math games work on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Be immersed in free multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction games. Students can play online for hours. The longer they play our free math games, the more their test scores are likely to improve. Teachers are encouraged to try these as well. Lesson plan ideas should come to you quickly during gameplay. If you need further help with your math skills or homework there are other websites that can be useful.

Math Homework

The famous saying “practice makes perfect” is why math teachers assign homework. Practice will improve your ability to solve math problems. It will also increase the speed at which you find solutions. We have a lot of free math games and worksheets that can be assigned as homework. Math homework can be fun too! Pretend you are taking a quiz and time yourself. Then grade your paper and see how well you did. This exercise will go a long way to improving your test taking skills.

Answers Are Provided for All Worksheets

Answers are one of the most requested features for worksheets online. This makes sense as answers add another dimension to our worksheets. Students can easily check their work while teachers can save time grading papers. Learning to use your time efficiently is important. Our answer sheets are located below each worksheet. You can easily print them as they are in the PDF file format.

Solving Math Problems

Elementary math problems can usually be solved in a reasonable amount of time. This is not always the case because math can be complicated. There was a math problem that hadn’t been solved for 100 years until a mathematician came along and figured it out. He was offered rewards and fame but turned it all down. He believed that if the answer is correct, no other recognition is required. So are you ready to start solving math problems?